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The shop here on is now closed. Our new site is open to browse now, and the shop will be there again open soon.


Our Maine Sources

Per square mile, Maine contains more Farmers, salt makers, spice merchants, miso fermenters, cider makers, and every other kind of maker or curator you can think of, than any other place in the world it. At least it feels that way. Click the link below to find out more about the sources of all of the ingredients Maine Gravy sauces use. If you don’t need any of our sauces, please still check them out for you produce, your staples, and any of the good things you want to enjoy in your life. All of them are here with us in Maine working hard to make you happy.
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Pemaquid Light in MidCoast Maine - and inspiration for Maine Gravy sauces

Our Maine Stories

Wanna know how to cook with Maine Gravy sauces? How about a look at how our sauces are made, or new places you can get some? We have you covered with regularly published recipes and ideas. Plus, learn about new retailers, farmer market appearances, and other news. You know you want to.
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Hub Farm Market

Hello Hub Farm Market and Oysteria! The HUB Farm Market & Oysteria has been at the top of our list for places to sell Maine Gravy products since Day One. So, we are over the moon ecstatic that the Hub Farm Market will be selling our full line of products: Maine Gravy Pemaquid Piquant hot …

Hub Farm Market


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